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Virginia Skeet Shooting Association Hall of Fame - Rules and Guidelines 

(Approved by the VSSA Board of Directors - Nov 2017)

Article One

The Board of Directors of the Virginia Skeet Shooting Association hereby confirm the establishment of the Virginia Skeet Shooting Association Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame honors those residents of the State of Virginia who have distinguished themselves through either major contributions to the promotion and welfare of the sport of Skeet Shooting within the State of Virginia, or by excellence in shooting ability. Only persons who have consistently exhibited a high degree of sportsmanship in these activities shall be selected.

Article Two

In order to be administered in a fair and consistent basis, free from temporary influences, the following rules and guidelines for the selection of recipients for such honors are hereby established.

A. The Committee of three Hall of Fame members shall be anonymous, appointed by and known only to the President.

1. The Committee shall select the Hall of Fame inductees. Inductees shall be announced during the Virginia State Skeet Championships. An appropriate personal award shall be presented to each inductee at that time.

2. The President shall select a new member of the Hall of Fame Committee each year to serve for three subsequent years. If no member is willing or able to serve in any subsequent year, the VSSA President shall serve in their place for that year or select a replacement or replacements from the Hall of Fame members. The Chairman of the Hall of Fame committee will be selected by and report to the President. Committee members may serve consecutive terms at the discretion of the President.

3. All selections of persons to be inducted into the Hall of Fame shall be kept secret prior to induction. No Committee member shall make public any nomination or divulge any information concerning the Committee deliberations. All three (3) Committee members must affirmatively vote for any prospective Hall of Fame inductee in order for the person to be selected for induction.

4. The number of persons selected for membership in the VSSA Hall of Fame shall not exceed two (2) inductees per year. A lesser number or none may be selected in any year or years.

5. Nominations for the Hall of Fame can be made by any VSSA member or relative by completing a VSSA Hall of Fame Nomination Form and forwarding such Nomination Form to the President. Nomination forms will be posted on the VSSA web site along with these rules. In order to be considered for selection the nomination must be received by the President by February 1 for selection that year. Nominations received after February 1 will be considered the following year. A nomination will be considered for a total of five (5) years. If a nominee is not selected within that period, a new application must be submitted for subsequent consideration. Incomplete or clearly inadequate nominations will be returned to the originator by the President upon the advice of the Committee Chairman. The Committee members may not consider persons for whom no nomination form has been presented unless directed to do so by the President.

6. No Committee member, nor any relative of any Committee member, shall be selected by the Committee for Hall of Fame membership.

B. In making the selection(s) of person(s) to be inducted into the VSSA Hall of Fame, the Committee shall be guided by the following. Absolute adherence to the following requirements is not required of the Committee:

1. Shooting Proficiency

a. This category seeks to honor those members whose shooting accomplishments clearly identify them as exemplary skeet shooters in Virginia. Nominees must have shot in registered Virginia skeet competitions for fifteen (15) years or more. At least ten (10) of the qualifications listed below in subpart b must be met by a candidate.

b. Shooting Proficiency requirements shall include the following: 

(i) Won major Skeet Championship titles, either High Overall, High All Around, or individual gun championships.

(ii) Achieved Virginia State Team First or Second Team status. 

(iii) Achieved All American team status. 

(iv) Set or tied a World Record (individual, concurrent, and team events included).

c. For purposes of Hall of Fame consideration, Championships are defined as World Championships, Zone 2 Championships, Virginia State Championships, or Open High Overall, High All Around, or Gun Championships at any top 100 skeet shoot. No other championship titles shall be considered.

d. A shooter must have established a shooting history that, when compared with the standard of his/her era, is considered outstanding.

2. Major contributions to Skeet in Virginia (maximum of 1 selection per year in this category).

a. This category seeks to honor those members whose primary contributions do not focus on shooting accomplishments. Contributions must have been made over a minimum of twenty (20) years. At least three (3) of the qualifications listed below in subpart b must be met by a candidate.

b. Major Contributions to Skeet in Virginia requirements shall include the following:

(i) Service as a VSSA state officer.

(ii) Service of a VSSA Club Representative.

(iii) Active involvement in the management of skeet shoots within the State of Virginia to include: club skeet chairman, referee, and registration and scoreboard personnel.

(iv) Virginia skeet shooter active for a period of at least 20 years regardless of shooting proficiency.

(v) Service as an instructor to other skeet shooters, especially when performed without any form of compensation.

(vi) Any other contributions of either time or money for the promotion of skeet shooting in the State of Virginia.

Article Three

If the shooting career of a deserving individual is interrupted by an untimely death or disablement, it is the Committee's responsibility and privilege to reduce the residency and other requirements, as they may feel warranted to maintain the quality of the Hall of Fame membership. If a nominee does not wholly qualify for induction under either B (1) or B (2) above, they may, at the sole discretion of the Hall of Fame Committee, qualify under a combination of factors under B (1) and B (2) and be selected for the Major Contributions to Skeet in Virginia category.

Article Four

The Board of Directors is charged with the task of maintaining a virtual Hall of Fame to be displayed on the VSSA web site on the Internet. 

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